Broadband Air

Wireless Internet access allows one to connect to the Internet without having to use cables or telephone lines because connectivity is gained via radio waves.

Broadband Fiber

Fiber allows one to connect to the Internet with a high speed connection gained through complex optic fiber cables.

Internet Lease Line (ILL)

A leased line is a dedicated telecommunications connection often used by businesses that link two locations for voice and/or data network service.

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Our Vision

The word 'Prompt' primarily represents immediate., ultra-fast, revolutionary, never seen before. That's how we were inspired to coin the term #PromptSpeed. Our Service is for the restless people of our country who want to do everything right about 'now'. And this is only possible with Prompt Infracom's hyper speeds of up to 100 Mbps. It is because of these superfast speeds that exceeds expectation- which is also the philosophy of PROMPT INFRACOM .

How to Get Our Service